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No one is better known and more respected than Betsi Bixby when it comes to petroleum cash flow. A high-demand speaker at North America’s top refiners and professional petroleum associations, Betsi’s message has reached countless marketers in all 50 states at virtually every major petroleum event across the country.

Betsi Bixby delivers motivating, customized and practical presentations.

Her presentations can reshape a petroleum marketer’s vision of what is possible with a fresh, understandable approach to profit and cash.

When Betsi finishes with an audience, amazing things happen.

Betsi brings a new perspective to business challenges. Most importantly each member of the audience walks away with an achievable, actionable game plan.

Check out Betsi’s most popular topics!*

Grow Volumes Despite Today’s Economy

Marketer Success Strategies and Tactics

What Every CEO Should Know About Receivables, Credit, and Collections

Petro Mergers, Acquisitions and Rollups – Happy Together?

*Betsi will accommodate requests to customize her presentation to your unique needs

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Quilly Award Winner: Betsi Bixby

Betsi was honored with the Quilly Award from the National Academy of Bestselling Authors in 2015. Listen to Betsi share about one family business that recovered $300,000 in bad debt by following just one of the principles Betsi featured in the book!