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“Who will be in charge of your company when you or a key employee are no longer there?”
No one likes to think about questions like this, but if you want to leave behind a strong, secure company for the next generation there are actions you must take today.

When you do not prepare for the future you are putting your company at risk. You’ve spent far too many years to leave this up to chance. Start your succession plan by following the steps in Meridian’s Passing the Torch e-learning course.

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Passing The Torch – Successful Leadership Transition in 90 Days
Consider this question…

“Who will be in charge of your company when you are no longer there?”

You’d prefer not to think about this, or if you do, you believe that it is a concern for tomorrow, not today. While this is the most common approach, unfortunately it is one of the worst. When you do not prepare for the future you are putting your company at risk. You are endangering the lives and livelihood of every single person who works for your company. You’ve spent far too many years to leave this up to chance!

How do you plan to prepare for leadership transition in your company?

Micromanage when the time comes.

Leave it to chance.

Let the new leader sink or swim.

Carefully and with considered forethought prepare with a plan in place long before it is ever needed.

Yes, the obvious answer is the last one, but most companies are not in a position to honestly choose that one. Without a plan in place, the experience can be grueling, stressful, and excruciatingly painful for everyone involved.

I’ve seen far too many transitions devolve into chaos and sometimes ruin for the company involved. Because of this I’ve developed a leadership transition blueprint that any leader or potential leader could follow. This is a series of three 90-minute webinars together with worksheets, resources, and tools that will provide the foundation to guide you smoothly and successfully through any transitioning position: the CEO, a bulk plant general manager, a long-time office manager, or even a dispatcher wanting to retire.

Passing The Torch – Successful Leadership Transition On-Demand Webinar

Session 1 – Preparation – You’ll be amazed as we guide you through a series of questions that serve as the foundation for your game plan

Session 2 – You’ll be guided through creation of your custom step by step plan insuring success and avoiding typical pitfalls

Session 3 – Control and Feedback – Take the worry out through a system of controls that let you sleep easy

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This petroleum-specific webinar course will provide…

For the exiting leader:

A game plan that provides a sense of peace that good decisions and profitability will carry on without them

Reporting controls that alert you in the event things don’t go according to plan, creating freedom from worry

A method to provide important input without the incoming leader feeling you are “meddling” and violating important trust

For the incoming future leader:
The security of balanced guidance and earned decision freedom.

A process that promotes mutual respect with existing leadership, other staff, vendors and customers

Elimination of the fear of doing something wrong that accompanies most sink-or-swim or micromanagement-style transitions

In just three 90-minute sessions from the comfort of your own office and computer, you’ll get the plan and tools you need to successfully pass or receive the baton successfully. To insure your success and customize your experience, the series includes unlimited one-on-one phone consultations with the Meridian Team after each session.

If you calculate the cost of just one customer or employee lost due to the typical tug-of-war transition, you’ll know the $2995 and time investment is well worth it. This will be the ONLY live offering of this program. But here is the good news! Each session will be recorded and provided to you at no additional cost so you will have a permanent training program to use for all your leadership transitions in the years to come.

Passing The Torch – Successful Leadership Transition On-Demand Webinar

Session 1 – Preparation – You’ll be amazed as we guide you through a series of questions that serve as the foundation for your game plan

Session 2 – You’ll be guided through creation of your custom step by step plan insuring success and avoiding typical pitfalls

Session 3 – Control and Feedback – Take the worry out through a system of controls that let you sleep easy

To Download Your Passing Torch On-Demand Webinar, Click Here

Here’s just a sampling of participant remarks from Session 1:

I do far more than I realized

I wish my Dad had left a clear organizational chart and job descriptions

I was amazed at how this process could apply to any position in our company, not just the CEO

Figuring out daily priorities is the biggest challenge of this position

Every position in our company needs to be replaceable

My biggest learning taking this position was that the employees knew more about the business than I did

I’ll help my successor know they can’t automatically trust everyone, that trust must be earned

To Download Your Passing Torch On-Demand Webinar, Click Here


What potential bad debt is looming in your receivables?

Good credit maintenance is one of the most important aspects of any successful petroleum business. Even miniscule shifts in your collections timing rating can mean big changes to your bottom line. Complicating this situation further, fluctuating fuel prices and volatile market forces are changing the credit landscape.

If you’re not prepared for the coming credit crunch, your business will benefit from Meridian’s Total Credit Success course. This one-of-a-kind course covers the latest techniques to help your business thrive throughout the current and pending credit changes. Total Credit Success is an online program consisting of three, easy-to- access 90-minute sessions available 24/7.



Would you like your staff to save you money, increase your profits, and improve your cash-flow without any investment of your time or effort?

Sound like wishful thinking? It’s not! Learn more in this course brought to you by two of the most trusted names in the industry – SIGMA & Meridian Associates!

Meridian Associates has a phenomenal reputation in the Petro Industry with CEOs and CFOs who want the highest return on investment for their time and effort. We have worked with over 3,500 Marketers to help them increase cash and profits, trim the fat and eliminate the waste and losses, merge, acquire or sell their business with absolute confidence that they were getting the maximum value while maintaining secrecy and discretion.

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*The startling truth is that even your most ‘loyal and committed’ employees are unknowingly costing you money simply because of “basic” financial information they have never been taught. That can change right now…

If you are like any of our “high octane” clients, you recognize the value of drilling this information down the ranks but are too busy to do it yourself. That’s why we have teamed up with SIGMA to bring you a program that requires none (that’s zero) of your personal time…you simply choose your middle management staff and we train them for you!

SIGMA & Meridian Associates are proud to bring you the first in a series of special services that train your staff about the essentials of company cash and profit:

Introducing…Dollars & Sense

Because financial common sense is not so common and how important company finances are to the survival, growth and prosperity of every organization…we knew this would be a major benefit for your business.

Your staff can participate in this ‘state of the art’ web based training with minimal down time as they discover:

  • The fundamentals and essentials of industry P&L’s and balance sheets so that your essential numbers become their crucial metrics
  • A working grasp of key components to industry cash flow and take steps to bring more money in faster while saving cash that goes straight to your bottom line. (It is not uncommon for our clients to experience immediate increases in cash flow, substantial cost reductions and improved profits from merely the cash flow principles we teach.)
  • A better understanding and appreciation of their personal role and effect on profit and cash!
  • Responsibility or as we like to break it down: Response-ability…this means your staff can respond appropriately to things that arise with the understanding of their financial impact to your company numbers.
  • The know-how to make positive impact on cash and profits!

There is simply no better way to leverage your “human resources” than training them with Dollars & Sense!

This not to be missed webinar “e-class” consists of 3 sessions which will be delivered over a three week period. Your staff will be able to download each session and participate at their own speed!

Tuition is only $995 – and best of all, an unlimited number of your team members can participate for one low fee without ever leaving the office!



You can enroll by phone by calling

Advanced Marketing Strategies

Then stop throwing away your hard-earned money on marketing that doesn’t work anymore!

Without leaving your office, get totally up to date on the latest low-cost marketing strategies that produce more sales and profits right now in today’s economy where customers are more informed and cost-conscious than ever!

If you are not satisfied with your current revenue and volume, yet want to keep your sales marketing costs down, or frustrated with not knowing ROI on marketing you suspect isn’t even working anymore (think yellow pages), then you want to know…

Advanced Marketing Strategies
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“What’s Working Now?”

The problem is, customers changed HOW they buy. It’s no wonder the old tried and true ways of marketing aren’t working as well as they did in the past. How do you find answers from all the ‘good intentioned’ but ultimately bad information that is floating around masquerading as common knowledge?

You are facing ‘real issues’ and need answers that will work for your unique circumstances.

When we heard so many Marketers complain about the same issues, we decided to do something about it. We developed the most comprehensive and authoritative program on low-cost marketing.

We started with a single webinar session for our business coaching clients. We were stunned by their immediate results. And they got those results with just a small portion of what you’ll get in this 5-session series.

You’ll finally get the straight scoop and unbiased advice from start to finish on what works today. We are not talking expensive TV ads. You’ll learn low-cost, effective strategies that work on today’s tough customer and add revenue to your top line that boosts your bottom line.

“For the first time we are marketing OUR company effectively, not our brands… US!” -Northwest Diversified Marketer

Whether your prospective customer, is a dealer, a commercial fuel, lubes, or propane buyer, or simply the average consumer, you’ll gain the strategies, tactics and marketing weapons to generate more leads and close more sales.

When you participate in Meridian’s “Advanced Marketing Strategies” you’ll discover the best way for YOU to:

  • Attract the absolute best buyers at the absolute lowest cost per contact
  • Quickly and easily track all your marketing dollars
  • Know concretely what’s working right now, what isn’t and why
  • Generate the absolute best leads – people that will actually buy from you rather than delay or say no
  • Create quicker first contact to closed sale cycle times
  • Achieve higher sales closing ratios
  • Happily let go of yesterday’s methods that aren’t working anymore
  • Fine tune your message to the marketplace
  • Launch new products and services with greater and faster success
  • And much, much more!

As you can see, this is a serious program for marketers that are serious about increasing their top line, maximizing their margins, and trimming every last ounce of expense in order to produce a lean mean marketing machine!

You’ll learn best practices and cutting edge strategies from world class marketers, all translated into “petro-speak” through your veteran instructor Betsi Bixby, President of Meridian! Here’s some of the expert wisdom she is tapping for these sessions:

“Marketing is not an event, but a process… It has a beginning, a middle, but never an end, for it is a process. You improve it, perfect it, change it, even pause it. But you never stop it completely.” – Jay Conrad Levinson

Known first as the genius creator of the Marlboro man ads, Jay is now focusing his time, energy and talent on guerilla style “no-budget” marketing for small businesses.

“Reality Marketing™ teaches you to polish every area of your business, making it so shiny and amazing that your customers will wonder what they did with themselves before you came along.” – Eric Keiles and Michael Lieberman

Just recently, this dynamic duo were featured at a “High Growth Company” international summit where they wowed CEOS and Marketing VPs who thought they were doing everything correctly.

“Customers are only fickle because a new competitor is paying more attention to them than you are.” – Dan Kennedy

Known for his counter intuitive direct marketing approach, Dan is now paid $50K per day and up by Fortune 500 companies because of his phenomenal response rates.

“I don’t know the rules of grammar. If you’re trying to persuade people to do something, or buy something, it seems to me you should use their language.” – David Olgilvy

Known as the “godfather of copy,” when you see David’s formula for any brochure or website you will kick yourself for not finding it sooner!

That’s some serious “New Marketing” insider fire-power gathered in one place for your benefit!

You know what this means?

Simply this – if you are an Owner, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager or CFO who also wears the marketing hat, you can’t afford to miss out on this ‘game changing’ series!

Especially, since we made it a no-brainer of a decision. Here’s the deal…

The series is five 30-minute sessions of “all meat and no filler”.

We kept your time investment to an absolute minimum while making sure we’d be able to give you what you need to make your job easier and alleviate a great deal of your marketing related stress.

Next, your whole team gets to participate for one low investment. When you consider the cost of a bad yellow page ad, or ineffective brochure hand-carried by a salesman, tuition of only $997 for this program may be the easiest way to cut costs ever invented. Remember, any cost savings from your current ineffective advertising and marketing spending go straight to your bottom line! Plus, you boost your top line.

We could not have made it any easier to say, Yes!

Or if you prefer to order by phone or have any questions, call us at 800-728-9005.

Art & Science of Buying or Selling a Petroleum Company

Art & Science of Buying or Selling a Petroleum Company

There is no faster way to grow your petro business, build profits and increase volume than through strategic acquisitions. But there is a definite art to orchestrating successful, smooth transactions for both buyers and sellers. There’s more to it than meets the eye. The trial and error method might work eventually but it can be extremely costly in terms of both time and money.

The Choice Is Yours!
The Art Of Buying And Selling A Petroleum Business
Three, 90-minute sessions-Only $2,995

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Success Tactics for the Smaller Marketer

As a smaller marketer, it’s almost impossible to compete on price against big companies. That’s the bad news.

The good news is there are proven ways to keep your customers, remain competitive and even grow your customer base no matter what your larger competitors are doing. Even better, as a smaller marketer, you have advantages that will allow you to not only even the playing field, but actually tip the odds in your favor. Success Tactics for Smaller Marketers will help you discover and harness these advantages.

With Meridian’s Success Tactics for Smaller Marketers webinar series, you’ll discover the best ways to deploy your unique secret weapons, generate more sales and revenue, gain new customers, keep control over your cash, increase your company’s value and much more!

Success Tactics for the Smaller Marketer
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Whether you have stiff new competition or are just expecting it to heat up soon, we have the answers and you don’t even have to leave the office to get them! We understand the demands on your time. That’s why each of the six webinars in this series is limited to 90 minutes per session.

Do you long for the good old days of fat margins?

Have big competitors recently come into your marketplace flashing cheap prices at your loyal customers and eroded those margins?

Are you wondering how long your customer’s loyalty will last against those cheap quotes?

Are you looking for even better ways to compete when you can’t do it on price?

Then I have great news for you!
Get the inside scoop and unbiased advice that will take you from start to finish to:

  • beat the competition
  • keep your customers
  • increase your revenue
  • build your profit.

When you join the Success Tactics for Smaller Marketers webinar series, in just 6 sessions you’ll discover the best ways to:

  • Deploy your unique secret weapons allowing you to trounce the competition even when they dangle lower prices in front of your customers
  • Beat all your competitors using Meridian’s assessment tool that FACTUALLY exposes their weaknesses
  • Generate more sales and revenue immediately, even gain new customers
  • Get and keep control over your precious cash (no matter what prices are doing) so you can breathe easy on payroll, supplier or tax payment days
  • Discern when you need to change, and when you absolutely shouldn’t
  • Get long-term, stick-in-the-mud employees to not only buy into needed change, but actually help you get it done
  • Increase your company’s value using the top five value-drivers in today’s petroleum marketplace from actual buy/sell transactions

We understand the demands on your time so each of the six sessions are only 90 minutes. And, you already know as a successful business owner that driving up your revenue and profit takes work, so yes, there will be about four hours homework outside of the webinar time.

Today only $3,995
(payments available)

Or if you prefer to reserve your spot by phone or have any questions, you can call us at 800-728-9005.

As you can see, this is a serious program for marketers serious about maximizing their margins, optimizing their operations, and turning their business into a lean mean competition bashing machine!

The Ultimate Financial Strategies Series

The Ultimate Financial Strategies Series

This series consists of four hour-long sessions covering the implementable steps for:

  • Financial Analysis—Income statement and balance sheet management is critical to the health of your business. Spot potentially dangerous trends before they threaten you. What does your banker really want to see on your financial statements? Given the size of actual dollars run through a fuel operation, you might be in the top 10% of your bankers client base. Carefully review your statements, optimize your strengths and negotiate those interest rates down!
  • Cash Flow—Profit and cash don’t necessarily go hand in hand. Learn the banker’s method of cash flow to analyze what is happening to your cash and why! Then, Betsi will walk you through specific proven ways to increase your actual cash balance.
  • What’s Its Worth—Knowing the value of your business is the most critical information you should have at your fingertips. Learn how to find the true value of your company with Betsi’s step-by-step methods. Also, keep this valuation tool at hand and never overpay for an acquisition. Learn why EBITDA multipliers just don’t work!
  • Get Efficient or Get Out—Today’s super competitive marketplace means you have two choices — get incredibly efficient at serving your best customers or get out of business. Learn why speed, flexibility and focus on best customers from top leadership down to the lowest level employee have never been more important. Betsi reveals the cost of the most common petroleum company system inefficiencies and how to cure them.

To Download The Ultimate Financial Strategies Series, CLICK HERE