Women in Petroleum 2021

The Most Powerful

Women's Family Petro Event

June 14th-16th 2021



What Former WIP Attendees Took Away From WIP Events

Grow Your Leadership In Our Industry

Being a female leader in the petroleum industry comes with a unique set of challenges–especially if you’re in a family business.

Women in Petroleum (WIP) was created to address those unique challenges, providing powerhouse petro women with the strategies to overcome obstacles, build healthier company cultures, and continue growing as key leaders in our industry.

WIP is led by women, for women who lead.

What You Gain at WIP

Strengthen Your Leadership (no matter how good it is now!)

Drive Growth From Your Position

Triumph Over Family Business Challenges

Learn to grow your leadership while remaining a balanced individual

Get a clear plan for your toughest challenges in small mastermind groups

Hear answers to your toughest questions, from women who have lived it

Leave with connections and support for your journey as a Petro leader

Enjoy a setting combining powerful growth sessions with light-hearted fun

Who Should Come to Woman In Petroleum 2021

Female Business Owners

Female Supervisors

Upcoming & Aspiring Female Leaders

Join Us for Woman In Petroleum 2021

“I have never before felt such an immediate connection to a group of women and it seemed we came together so effortlessly. The content of our discussions had such a life-changing effect on me. The relaxation was also a great way for all of us to recharge our batteries… that is priceless.”

– Kathy Nilles, Co-owner Missouri Valley Petroleum