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Want to take your Petro business from Point A to Point B faster?
Manage your margins better than ever
Improve your cash flow
Achieve your growth goals faster
Keep your team united and energized
Exceed your sales targets
Build your culture to attract and keep the best employees and drivers
Achieve the future you want for your business and family with EMA Masters





24/7 On Demand Learning

Access to Meridian’s Profit Producing Courses

Job Specific Learning

Monthly Live Webinars



Petro Power Advantage Access Plus:

One-on-one Executive Coaching

Personalized Coaching Webinars

Tickets to Meridian’s Live Events



All M-Power Premier Membership Benefits Plus:

Annual On-Site Strategic Plan

Quarterly Customized Onsite Programs that Accelerate Goal Achievement

Betsi and I have had so many positive experiences with Meridian over the last 10 years. Every dollar I have spent working with Betsi and her staff has been returned to me tenfold. Meridian is your best connection to finding solutions to growing your business profitably.

Bill Rawson

Former President of Cardwell Distributing

Being in M-power has been extremely valuable to improving our bottom line. With the training we have received we have increased our profits, have better hiring practices, and overall process improvements across the enterprise. Betsi and her team stay focused on helping family business in this complex time to be in business.

Jodi Teal
President, Davidson Oil

Our family business connected with Betsi nearly a decade ago. Her methods have helped us to grow to heights that we only dreamed of before we met Betsi. She introduced us to her quick cash fixes and they set us on a path to double digit growth for 5 years running …

Bill Gallagher

Offen Petroleum

With EMA Masters, you get…

Higher Profits
Control Over Cash Flow
Strategic Growth Plans
Strong Family Relationships
Financial Security for the Future
Employee Retention Rates
Increased Sales
A Legacy That Reflects Your Values

3 Easy Steps To Greater Petro Success:

Schedule a call with a family business specialist to discuss your unique business needs
Choose the EMA Masters Solutions that fits your business
Grow your Petro business and continue building a legacy for you and your family

Why EMA Masters Is Powered By Meridian

Your family, your business, and the Petro industry is important to you. It is important to us, too!

EMA Masters is designed to help you accelerate your business from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you need to clarify your vision for the future, develop effective strategic plans, strengthen your culture, or accelerate your growth, Meridian is here to guide you. With more than 25 years of industry experience, Meridian is recognized as a respected expert in the Petro market.

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Through a Partnership between EMA and Meridian, EMA and state associations will receive non-dues revenue when enrolling through the EMA Masters website. Meridian is also working closely with EMA to update and offer PMLI, the Petro Marketers Leadership Institute.

At Meridian, we fully support the mission of EMA, and with EMA Masters, we’re fulfilling our mission to bless family-owned businesses across the country.

Discover how the M-Power Program has helped petro businesses like yours double in revenue

Empower your market with our comprehensive petroleum business coaching program.
This total education system will help you and your team learn how to:

Be Strategic: Grow faster AND smarter


Create Culture: Make your team happier and more productive


Boost Efficiency: Streamline processes for higher profit


Expand and Diversify: Create new revenue streams


Grow Your Margins: Increase cash flow with Meridian’s valuable insights.

Ready to drive your Petro business farther and faster than its ever gone?