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Your family, your business, and the Petro industry is important to you.  It is important to us, too!

EMA Masters is designed to help you accelerate your business from where you are to where you want to be.  Whether clarifying your vision for the future, improving profit margins, accelerating your growth, strengthening your team, or developing the next generation, Meridian is here to guide you.  With more than 25 years of industry experience, Meridian is recognized as a respected expert in the Petro market.

Through a Partnership between EMA and Meridian, EMA and state associations will receive non-dues revenue when enrolling through the EMA Masters website.  Meridian has also worked closely with EMA to update and offer PMLI, the Petro Marketers Leadership Institute.  For the first time ever and for the convenience of EMA Members, PMLI will be offered online.

At Meridian, we fully support the mission of EMA, and with EMA Masters, we’re fulfilling our mission to bless family-owned businesses across generations.

Petro AND family business resources to boost your Petro business.

Betsi Bixby is a former banker who is passionate about family businesses. She started in the petroleum business when she partnered with a petroleum marketer who applied for a loan at her bank. Betsi’s MBA in Finance collided with what she saw in most of the petroleum businesses she encountered. Profitable, growing businesses were borrowing money over and over because they were so cash poor.

Betsi started teaching her partner about cash flow and within six months the health of the business had improved dramatically. The business was paying down debt and there was money in the bank. They decided to share their newfound wisdom with their fellow marketers by holding a seminar on cash flow and inviting Betsi to speak.

At that time (early 1991), bankers were disenchanted with the petroleum industry, and reasonably-priced bank debt was tough to get and keep. Betsi presented her “Banker’s Method of Cash Flow” talk to a group of about 125 petroleum marketers who had annual sales between $2 million and $500 million and cash flow that ranged from tight to severely tight. In her closing remarks, she invited them to call her if they needed help with cash flow or financing. That was a Saturday.


Our main purpose is to bless family-owned companies.

Monday morning, her phone at the bank began ringing, and the seeds for Meridian Associates, Inc. started to sprout. Since that first seminar, she’s lost count of the actual number of petroleum distribution marketers she’s been blessed to help, but it’s well over 3,900.

Today, Betsi and Meridian Associates, Inc., provide invaluable advice and guidance to family-owned petroleum-based businesses, helping them grow and expand their market share. Betsi co-authored her first book, “The Soul of Success, Vol 2” with Jack Canfield and recently released her second book, “7 Quick Cash Fixes”.

The Meridian Core Values

We prioritize God, family, work.

We listen and openly communicate with authenticity.


We emotionally invest in others with a sense of urgency.


We serve with absolute integrity and loyalty.


We learn, collaborate, pursue excellence and fun.


We simplify the complex.


We face challenges with passionate optimism.


We inspire action and accountability that creates results.

Hollywood Live with Jack Canfield

Author Jack Canfield talks with Betsi about the foundations of her company and how she helps other family businesses achieve wild success by managing cash flow.

Meridian Associates is a team of dedicated professional petro specialists with extensive experience providing valuable industry knowledge and advice to petroleum-based businesses, helping them grow and expand their market share through coaching, education, valuations, advisory services and more.

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